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MusicalForums Rules! Empty MusicalForums Rules!

Post  Guitar on Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:44 pm

1. Rules For Posting

No spamming, flaming or starting fights. Offence language and posting nude pictures, video's or unsencored music videos is also against the rules. Don't get off topic in topics which aren't in the off-topic or V.I.P. senction.

2. Personal Information

Don't ask for personal information. Also better don't post too much personal information here. Topics where someone asks for a picture of you, etc. will be deleted!

3. Reporting

Don't use the reporting box for everything, report people when they post stupid crap too much, ask for personal information (Rule 2) or break another rule.
You can report people by PM'ing me.

4. Double Posting

Don't double post. That will mean, if you forgot something: Edit your post by clicking on the edit button.

Reporting System

When a user is reported 1 or 2 times, I give him/her one warning, 3 or 4 times: 2 warnings, more then 5 means you will get banned.

Thank you for reading this Smile!


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